Indie Acts of Kindness: Update

Last month we kicked off the Indie Acts of Kindness initiative, inviting you to nominate the teachers in your life that have gone above and beyond during this difficult year.

We’ve had loads of amazing responses, and have shipped dozens of snacks to nominees up and down the country.

Keep the nominations coming into, and in the meantime we wanted to share some snippets from our favourite nomination letters. We have removed names for privacy purposes.



Nominee: Miss P from  W Primary School

Nominated by: Rebecca


“When September rolled around and we were still stuck at home, we worried about what her school would do or say…Well T’s teacher Miss P totally stepped up and we’ve felt more a part of [the] Class and W school than EVER before!


She’s done several “window visits” where she will chat to T through our living room window. She has dropped off the class reading book to T and dropped off and picked up test papers. She has been utterly amazing and we could not have wished for more or asked any more of her.


And to top it all, she ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS has a smile on her face – Even when it was pouring with rain she stood at the window to chat with T and smiled through the rain.”




Nominee: Ms. W

Nominated by: Emily


“She was amazing. Making sure the children could still get the care and learning experience they deserved, as well as preparing the school to be as safe as possible by organising PPE without it feeling overwhelming for children. She helped teachers to adapt their teaching style to deliver learning which didn’t leave children feeling too ‘out of routine’ – this can be vital for a special needs child. She even went as far as personally delivering children school meals or organising food vouchers for those who needed it. This is only scratching the service of the amazing things she has done for those who need it.”



Nominee: Ms. D
Nominated by: Suzi


“… She is honestly the most persevering and tenacious person I know, working so hard and with so much love and kindness…”


Talk about heartwarming. We absolutely love reading your amazing nominations, so please do keep sending them in to and we’ll send out another batch of “thank you” snacks soon!