The Orchard Project

The Orchard Project


As you’re all aware, we announced our partnership with 1% For The Planet a few months ago and we are so excited to give you all updates on how we’re getting on!

? Here is a little recap on what 1% For The Planet is and WHY it is so blooming amazing: the goal is to support fantastic environmental businesses, to help them conquer the world and keep our environment safe.

SO – with that in mind, we thought a great place to start would be TREES! I mean, after all, they’re the reason we’re still alive and breathing! We are SO excited to announce that we’ve partnered with the amazing team over at The Orchard Project and have recently sent off our donation.

? Our contribution will help with planting seven community orchards in London this year. They will be involving schools, housing estates and the wider local communities to design, plant and care for their own orchard. The Orchard Project brings people together to support them in creating change in their local environment alongside improving health and wellbeing by connecting people with their neighbours and most importantly, with nature.

? But we can’t do this without YOU. So thank you to all you lovely snackers, as it’s your Indie Bay purchases that help make amazing things happen! 1% of all your orders go towards The Orchard Project, how nifty is that?!

The excitement doesn’t stop there. In September, the Indie Bay squad will be visiting Mill Hill to go apple picking!

The day will be designed to help us:

?Reconnect as a team after months of isolation.

?Connect us with real people from our local community in a natural way.

?Support local orchards in need and help to preserve London’s greenspace.

?Help make use of surplus fruit that may otherwise go to waste.

To add to the wholesomeness, we will also be doing some cider and apple juice tasting from fruit we pick on the day; that’s about as fresh as it gets.

I can’t wait to let you know how the day goes! ?