Proud to partner with Luker Chocolate

Indies, you might want to sit down for this one as we have some crazy exciting news for you!

Just when you thought Indie Bay Snacks couldn’t get any more moreish, better for you and better for the planet… WELL let me tell you something; we’ve just got creamier, tastier and even more sustainable. How about that? BOOM. (can you tell we’re excited?).

Our Dark and Milk Choc bites are now covered with the most delicious chocolate by Luker and boy oh BOY they taste so good. ?

? WHO are Luker Chocolate? Luker Chocolate is a Colombian cocoa supplier and chocolate maker that believes cocoa production can deliver positive societal change, because chocolate with a conscience just tastes better, right?

They seek to to change the chocolate supply chain from its starting point, building practical prosperity in the networks of our essential regions, selling chocolate lovers the full blown dream.

Luker Chocolate have planted over 600,000 trees, trained over 33,000 cocoa-farmers on their cocoa granja (a bit like a farm), and put in place 14 “shared value projects” like building aqueducts to serve communities around their Cocoa farms in Necocli. They inspire us all to be kinder to our bodies and be kinder to our planet. How bloomin cool do they sound?

? WHY do we LOVE Luker Chocolate? We have partnered with Luker Chocolate because, like them, we’re committed to making tasty snacks that are good for your bodies and great for the environment too.

Since Luker Chocolate made its mark in Colombia, they have positively disrupted the district and caught the hearts of its locals and we are here to allow them to capture your hearts too… sounds like a love story, doesn’t it???.

The fact is, we DO love Luker Chocolate, as they empower dreams, they educate us on the importance of sustainability and they provide us with the yummiest chocolate in the land.

? Come back for MORE. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be featuring the stories of people who’s lives have been touched by Luker Chocolate. We feel it’s important for us to go right back to their roots for you Indies to see exactly why we are so proud and so FLIPPING excited about working with them. Be sure to re-visit this blog as we’ll include those stories right here (I’ll give you gentle reminders every so often ?).

Already can’t get enough of Luker Chocolate and want to learn even more? Then click right here .



The lovely people of Luker:

Meet the incredible Rosalba. Her life has been completely transformed, and that is due to the incredible work that Luker Chocolate do. Putting people first is a priority for Luker, they’ve allowed Rosalba to flourish and achieve her dreams.

“Rosalba started to smile and accepted that her dream of becoming a pharmacy manager might come true after all. Now Rosalba is starting a business with friends from Caribia so that she can own her own restaurant thanks to Luker Chocolate’s work with the community.”

How god damn COOL are Luker and Rosalba? VERY in my opinion.


Say hello to Verónica.

Since the arrival of Luker Chocolate within Verónica’s community three years ago, the project has given her stable employment, income and greater responsibility. Helping to empower its employees, as well as keeping them motivated and independent, Luker Chocolate is dedicated to creating social and economic change in Colombia.


Here is the Wonderful Sylvia.

Sylvia is a community leader that works with Luker Chocolate to support communities in Necocli, near a Luker farm. The presence of the company has helped people reach their dreams, even for many that are not directly involved in the cocoa industry.


Top 10 Small Businesses

With lockdown restrictions easing, I think its important to start thinking about a normal life resuming.

I have learnt so much about myself and what’s really important from this pandemic but from an economy point of view one thing I’ve learnt for sure is how important it is to support smaller businesses. I am on a mission to encourage as many people as possible to visit independent bars, shops & restaurants (in line with the government guidance). I have found myself making conscious decisions in order to do my bit and support them where I can; e.g. small things that I would usually buy from Amazon (mainly for convenience), I now make sure I scan the internet to find similar items from a smaller business who I know will appreciate my order so much more, or ordering a takeaway from an independent restaurant instead of a larger well known restaurant chain.

With that in mind, I have put together a list of my top 10 favourite small businesses in the UK!


  1. The Secret Garden Florist.
  • A stunning bespoke lifestyle florist based in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire but available to ship to anywhere in the UK.
  • They do weddings, parties, gifts, bespoke bouquets & so much more.
  • Instagram handle: @theonlinesecretgarden.

  1. The Other Cup
  • An independent speciality coffee house based in Newton Abbot, Devon.
  • Serving spectacular coffee, cakes, sandwiches & salads. 100% worth a visit if you’re in the area, and very friendly staff too!
  • Instagram handle: @theothercup

  1. Pasta Loco
  • An incredible Italian based in Bristol.
  • I have never tasted better pasta, so fresh! This was my go to when I was at university. It is so homely inside and feels extra special as there’s a different menu every day – exciting!
  • Instagram handle: @pastaloco

  1. Soho Joe’s
  • Bar nestled away in the small streets of Soho, London.
  • If you’re in the mood to sit outside in the quirky streets of Soho, sipping on an Aperol Spritz then this is the bar for you. The owners are so nice and they do great pizza!
  • Instagram handle: @sohojoeuk

  1. Anchor Stone Cafe
  • If you’re ever in sunny South Devon and fancy the freshest of fish, then here is the dream spot.
  • A family run restaurant with the friendliest staff paired with the most stunning view of the River Dart. Oh, and the wine is pretty good too!
  • Website:

  1. Pear Tree Café
  • Situated in the heart of Battersea Park this is the perfect stop off point for a coffee and a sandwich… or a beer!
  • They have been open for take away during the pandemic so be sure to go and say hey.
  • Instagram handle:

  1. Wax and Lash
  • A gorgeous beautician based in Holtspur, Buckinghamshire.
  • If you need your brows, lashes or nails done then these are your ladies! Their Spotify playlists are always on point too.
  • Instagram handle: @waxandlashbar

  1. BabaBoom
  • Delish freshly made kebabs
  • These guys are based in Battersea and Islington, and serve the best kebabs, flat breads and salads I’ve ever tasted. Such a happy, low key and buzzing vibe in there too.
  • Instagram handle: @bababoomlondon

  1. The Roald Dahl Museum & Story centre
  • This is one for a kid’s day out. Situated in a beautiful quaint town called Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire.
  • It is bursting with stories, fun, gift shops and the most amazing café that serves Whizzpopper Hot chocolates!
  • Instagram handle: @roalddahlmusuem

  1. KILN
  • A Thai Grill & Seafood restaurant in Soho, London.
  • I have never tasted such fragrant food, the smell hits you as soon as you walk in. This restaurant is small but extremely mighty.
  • Every day the menu is different, bringing you the most fresh fish ever. If you like spice and funky cocktails then I really recommend this place.
  • Instagram handle: @kilnsoho

Vegan Nutella & Indie Bay Thins

You ever just fancy something a little different? But not too hard to make but full of delicious-ness? Then this is the PERFECT snack recipe for you – Vegan Nutella & Indie Bay Lightly Salted Thins.

I often find it quite hard to get creative with vegan recipes, I struggle to make something creamy yet sugary – BUT this recipe my friends, really does hit that sweet spot. These delights are super versatile as they’re perfect as a family activity to then eat in front of a movie, but they also have that wow factor to be an impressive dessert canapé.

I love the different textures… the silky chocolate mixed with that powerful Indie Bay crunch, wow I’m drooling.
Now let’s talk taste. The nuttiness and earthiness of the hazelnuts, mixed with the sweet spread and salty Thins really is a winner for me.

Want to give it a try? Check out the method below, you’ll thank me later.



Love from Charlotte x

Celebrate Mother’s Day with Indie Bay

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, but don’t worry, there’s no need to dash out to the shops last minute and pick the only card left on the stand. It’s never the one you would have gone for, but you couldn’t face not getting one, and now you’re left watching as lovely mum opens up a card with a weird “joke” picture on the front coupled with a caption that is both confusing and mildly offensive. You all laugh it off, but everyone knows what’s happened here…



We don’t want that any more than you do. That’s why we’ve created a downloadable greeting card that you can print off at home (without using up ALL your ink) to do with what you will. Stick it to card, colour it in, fold it into a paper airplane and fly it through the upstairs window. Whatever works!

And who says it’s only for mums? Take the chance to say “thank you” to any and all of the important caregivers and family members in your life. Sure it’s called “Mother’s Day” but you can still celebrate anyone you like. Like a true Indie!

Click here (or on the picture below) to open up the pdf, and either save or print it.

With much Indie Love.


Indie Acts of Kindness: Update

Last month we kicked off the Indie Acts of Kindness initiative, inviting you to nominate the teachers in your life that have gone above and beyond during this difficult year.

We’ve had loads of amazing responses, and have shipped dozens of snacks to nominees up and down the country.

Keep the nominations coming into, and in the meantime we wanted to share some snippets from our favourite nomination letters. We have removed names for privacy purposes.



Nominee: Miss P from  W Primary School

Nominated by: Rebecca


“When September rolled around and we were still stuck at home, we worried about what her school would do or say…Well T’s teacher Miss P totally stepped up and we’ve felt more a part of [the] Class and W school than EVER before!


She’s done several “window visits” where she will chat to T through our living room window. She has dropped off the class reading book to T and dropped off and picked up test papers. She has been utterly amazing and we could not have wished for more or asked any more of her.


And to top it all, she ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS has a smile on her face – Even when it was pouring with rain she stood at the window to chat with T and smiled through the rain.”




Nominee: Ms. W

Nominated by: Emily


“She was amazing. Making sure the children could still get the care and learning experience they deserved, as well as preparing the school to be as safe as possible by organising PPE without it feeling overwhelming for children. She helped teachers to adapt their teaching style to deliver learning which didn’t leave children feeling too ‘out of routine’ – this can be vital for a special needs child. She even went as far as personally delivering children school meals or organising food vouchers for those who needed it. This is only scratching the service of the amazing things she has done for those who need it.”



Nominee: Ms. D
Nominated by: Suzi


“… She is honestly the most persevering and tenacious person I know, working so hard and with so much love and kindness…”


Talk about heartwarming. We absolutely love reading your amazing nominations, so please do keep sending them in to and we’ll send out another batch of “thank you” snacks soon!

Indie Acts of Kindness: Say “Thank you” with Indie Bay

It’s been 11 months since 2020 began, but it’s still been the longest year we can remember.

Now more than ever, we need to find those unexpected moments of joy.
Now more than ever, we must be grateful to those working tirelessly to help us all through.
This holiday season and beyond, let’s spread some smiles with acts of kindness.
-Dafna, Indie Bay Founder

Here at Indie Bay, we recognise that everyone is struggling in one way or another right now.
We also recognise that there are people up and down the country going above and beyond to keep us all afloat, and we want to show them some appreciation!

Some of our team members have kids, and those kids are at school. They’re at school, and learning from some amazing teachers who have done everything they can to support everyone’s kids online, offline, during lockdown and beyond. We are infinitely grateful for our teachers. They are rockstars, and the rocks that keep families working – and sane – throughout these wild and unpredictable times.
We think that’s pretty incredible, so we’re doing what we can to recognise the astounding work of teachers across the UK.

If we could, we’d pay them all millions. Really. They deserve it! Unfortunately we don’t bottomless piles of cash. We do, however, have something else…
Whilst we might not be experts when it comes to vaccines and whatnot, we are experts when it comes to pretzels.
So we’ll help you say “thank you” to some of the amazing teachers in your life, by dishing out some oven baked Snacks with Benefits.
We welcome you to nominate the incredible teachers in your lives, your kids’ lives, your friends lives’, that have put in the graft, gone the extra mile, and kept everyone’s kids engaged, entertained and educated through 2020. Whatever the subject, wherever the school, we know that these awesome people deserve a great big “thank you” and we want to help you say it.

Send your nominations to, telling us who you want to say thank you to, and explaining exactly why you want to say it. We promise to read every single email, and ship out some crunchy goodness to the people nominated in the emails we love.

From December onwards, we’ll be selecting a handful of teachers each month to ship out a great big box full of oven baked goodnesss to show how much we all care.
Like we said, when it comes to pretzels, we know what we’re doing, and we know that spreading the Indie Bay joy like this will help put a smile on anyone’s face.

Taste of London 2019

This June we were back in Regent’s Park for our second year at Taste of London.

It was another jam-packed foodie fest over 5 brilliant summer days.


This year we brought our Indie world to the masses with our very own Indie Bay pergola, complete with beachy backdrop and deckchairs (cool, huh?).

It proved a rather popular space to sit down, hang out and try all the goods on offer at the festival.

Happy Snacking at Taste of LondonIndie Bay Pergola

We also saw the return of our ever popular Indie Cornhole. Participants had the chance to nab themselves a few free packets of indie bay with a well-aimed throw.

Indie Bay Cornhole

It was so great to say hello to you all in real life. We even bumped into one of our favourite Indies, Yotam Ottolenghi!

Yotam Ottolenghi

All in all, it was a hugely successful event. We managed to hand out a whopping 100,000 pretzel bites. In fact, we handed out so many we had to nip back to Indie HQ in Notting Hill to grab a load more. If you want to see what all the fuss was about then have a look at our online shop. Thank you to everyone that came down. We’ll see you again at Taste of London 2020!

Happy Snacking,

Team Indie Bay.

Taste of London Dream Team